Monthly Update: #1 — An Introduction and the The 1 Year Anniversary Update


Server Updates

The new Rust Arcade Spawn

In-Game Changes
+ New Spawn Area
+ New game mode (Minigames)- Kill Confirmed
+ New game mode (PvP)- King of the Arena
+ Survival Games changed to primitive
+ New maps for: Team Infection, Kill Confirmed, King of the Arena — some of these maps were purchased from Lone.
+ New queue system for all major modes (not car races)
+ Minigames lobbies can now be owned by Premium members
+ New minigame order
+ New pre-determined spawns for Free For All game modes, which also try to spawn you in a ‘safe’ location
+ New UI’s for some game modes and for buying classes/skins/emotes
+ Increased the amount of items Bob sells
+ New floating text in Among Rust to direct you to objectives
+ Re-added passive healing on medical items
+ The server max player count will now change depending on the number of players. You will never queue until it hits 250 players. The max pop will increase as soon as the server becomes full
+ Mini games lobbies now have a queue man, so you can join any game mode without leaving the lobby
+ Various bug fixes
+ As always all specific details can be found in #server-updates in our discord
+ Skins that you purchase and equip in the spawn are now automatically saved, and reapplied when you join the server, meaning the moment you join the server you are looking fresh!

- Removed Bill’s shop (Bill mysteriously disappeared and his ‘friend’ Bob has taken over the selling of skins now instead — I suspect there was foul play)
- Removed Solo Arena — Will be added back soon but completely revamped
- Cross Ball map made 25% smaller

Rust Updates

New Workcart (Image Credit: Facepunch)

Server Development

Map Development
Bozo is currently working on a major map overhaul for Survival Games. He is working hard to bring every map up to the same standard. On another note, we are currently looking to buy some map prefabs, particularly for 1v1 or PvP based game modes. If you have any that you have made yourselves, please message me on discord (alfie#0001) with images of your map and the price you would like for it.
Bozo’s Comments: I am really happy with how the new maps have turned out in terms of quality and gameplay. Let me know what you think!

Community Content

In this section I am also looking to post funny and cool clips from the server, as well as smaller streamers who have played. Please dm me on discord (alfie#0001) with your clip s— any featured will get a small prize. This applies to every week!

That's it from me folks. Will be back in two weeks with another killer blog for you guys along with a special surprise 👀.

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As always you can connect to our servers via the buttons below, or copy the commands into the Rust console.
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— alfie